In this Report we have covered how LUKOIL tackled new challenges that our Company and the whole world faced in 2020. Every Sustainability Report demonstrates changes made by LUKOIL, innovations in our work and our investments, all of which support our commitment to sustainable development principles and acknowledge our responsibility to reduce the climate impact of our Company.

We continue to develop our priority projects, thus helping to reduce GHG emissions and improve the sustainability of the Company over the long run. We also invest in energy conservation and renewable energy programs. We have demonstrated our commitment by using a responsible approach to activities in the Arctic zone, including ongoing efforts to enhance pipeline reliability.

The Report reflects the major changes LUKOIL has introduced to production processes in response to the pandemic to facilitate the safety of our employees while ensuring stable operations of our Company. The support for regions where we operate remains high, and so is the involvement of LUKOIL entities in solving the most urgent issues related to protecting the health and wellbeing of local populations.

For many years LUKOIL has been a pioneer in supporting the sustainable development goals and responding to climate change risks facing the Company, Russia and the whole world. We will keep upholding these views and we will be presenting our contribution in future reports. The responsibility we have demonstrated for the past 30 years gives us every confidence as we look towards the future!